Process & Certifications

Thanks to a vertically integrated production process, Castello Italia S.p.A. can offer complete solutions to its Customers.


Whatever the Customer’s needs, the R&D office is committed to developing the right product to satisfy them. This means partnering with the Customer starting with the definition of suitable materials, working together on the development of the designs, and even working as a team to identify the best production process to meet the requirements.



Castello Italia S.p.A. uses state-of-the-art equipment that allows single-layer and multi-layer extrusions as well as co-extrusion to meet the demand for high performance tubing.

Castello Italia S.p.A.’s extrusion lines are able to extrude a wide range of materials, from the most simple ones to the extremely technical and high performance materials.

The constant monitoring systems of the cutting-edge production process make it possible to manufacture high quality tubing.


Thanks to the Thermoforming department, Castello Italia S.p.A. can produce preformed tubes and thus satisfy the Customer’s requirements and designs, reducing optimisation times and improving ergonomics.

The R&D team can also support the Customer in the creation and optimisation of the designs.

The Thermoforming department boasts excellent dimensional tolerances.

To guarantee very tight tolerances of the marking on the tubing, the department is also equipped with latest-generation high-precision marking stations.

Castello Italia S.p.A. thermoformed tubes are used for air suspensions of the top tier Automotive OEMs and premium brands.



Beading” is a cold process for modifying the tube shape aimed at creating points of reference for attaching the tubing on the vehicle chassis.

This process is carefully controlled on each individual machine by means of technologically advanced systems like video cameras and profile projectors that eliminate the possibility of human error.

This system for identifying the mounting position is now provided to premium brands and is applied to the tubes that will be used in the air suspension adjustment circuit.


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for NoX reduction in exhaust gases require tubes to transport urea (AdBlue®), which is capable of maintaining the fluid liquid even at low temperatures.

Castello Italia S.p.A. is specialised in the design and production of braided tubing, which allow the heating of the tube.

Castello Italia S.p.A. braided tubes are used for SCR systems of the top tier Automotive OEMs and premium brands.


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